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GE GAU-17/A / GAUSE-17/A


The GAU-17/A machine gun is a 7.62mm NATO crew served, six barreled, air cooled, electrically powered weapon.

GAU-17/A Description:
It has a pintle mount, usually aboard a helicopter or ship. It is used in anti-materiel and anti-personnel and close-in air support roles. There are two main variations, the GAUSE-17/A (for ships) and the GAU-17/A (for aircraft). It is a development of the GAU-2, first fielded by the Air Force.

While the weapon which the USAF uses is essentially the same minigun as the GAU-2B/A, the gun systems are not identical.

GAU-17/A Naval Helicopter Use:
The weapon is part of the A/A49E-13 armament subsystem that provides the HH-60H aircraft with the capability to deliver suppressive fire from two flexible guns. The installation includes a starboard and port pintle mount to utilize the GAU-17/A aircraft machine guns. The weapons are externally powered and manually operated by the aircraft's gunners who have the option of firing at a low rate of fire (2,000 rounds a minute) or a high rate of fire (4,000 rounds per minute). The rate of fire is determined by the gunner. A/A49E-13 subsystem comprises the GAU-17/A aircraft machine gun, gun mounted MAU-201/A feeder/delinker, handgrip assemblies with a gun control unit, ammunition feed and storage system, port/starboard mount assemblies, electronic control units and a Pilots Gun Control System Panel assembly.

Rotary barrel machine gun

General Electric

7.62 mm NATO (.308")

Rate of fire:
2,000 to 4,000 Rpm, selectable


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