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Fort 12

Fort 12, Right side view

Other Pictures:
Fort 12, Left side, Slide stop engaged

Fort 12, Partially disassembled

Fort 12, Presentation finish

The Fort 12 pistol is an attempt of the Ukraine to develop its own police pistol to replace Soviet era, aging Makarov PM pistols. To accomplish this task, Ukraine purchased Chech machinery from CZ-Uhersky Brod factory, and developed the Fort pistol. Currently, this gun is issued to the Ukraine police and security forces and also sold on civilian market chambered for non-lethal rubber ammunition or tear gas ammunition.

The Fort 12 is a blowback operated, double action gun. It features trigger, patterned on Chech CZ 82/83 gun. Safety is ambidextrous, slide mounted, and does not blocks firing pin when engaged. Guns are manufactured in standart grade with mated finish, or in presentational grade, with gold inlays and engravings.

Gun is reported as being marginally reliable (at least, early production samples) and too heavy and bulky for given ammunition caliber and capacity. On the other hand, it is more comfortable to fire and more accurate than Makarov PM pistols.

Double Action

9x18mm Makarov

980 g

180 mm

95 mm

Magazine Capacity:
12 rounds


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