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Femaru Tokagypt T-58

Femaru Tokagypt T-58

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Commercial marked Tokagypt

It was a significant modification of the Soviet Tokarev TT33 for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. This had a new safety catch fitted on the left top side of the receiver, a one-piece wrap-around plastic grip and a finger support on the magazine. It was produced to meet a contract placed by the Egyptian Army in 1958, but the army authorities changed their mind and the guns went to the Egyptian police. Apparently the police didn`t like it either and, after the first few batches had been delivered, the contract was terminated. This is difficult to understand; the concept was sound, and the pistols were well made. Perhaps the decision was more political than technical. The remaining guns were released to the commercial market, many being sold in West Germany under the name `Firebird`. About 15,000 Tokagypts are believed to have been made. 7.62x25 replacement barrels and magazines were also manufactured.


recoil operated

9 mm Parabellum

910 g (32.1 oz)

192 mm (7.56 in)

115 mm (4.53 in)

Magazine Capacity:
7 rounds


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