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Frommer M1910

Frommer M1910

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The first Frommer design appeared in 1903 but achieved small success. It was entered for various military trials without success and was soon abandoned. The long thin barrel protrudes from a combined frame and receiver. A lengthy barrel jacket, forming part of the receiver, supports the barrel during recoil. The true barrel protrudes only about an inch at the muzzle. The pistol was chambered for the 8mm Roth cartridge, which later became the 8mm Roth-Steyr. A rotating bolt-lock was employed, controlled by long recoil, and an external hammer was fitted.

A final expression of the 1901-vintage design, this was an improvement of the M1906 with a new grip safety in the back strap of the butt. Although production of the 1906 and 1910 Frommers lasted until the beginning of WW1, few were made.


recoil operated automatic pistol

7.65mm Roth or 7.65 Frommer (possibly 9mm Short)

635 g (22.4 oz)

186mm (7.32 in)

100mm (3.94 in)

Magazine Capacity:
8 rounds


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