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Armalite AR-50

Armalite AR-50

(FILM) Armalite AR-50 (.Rm)

(MANUAL) ArmaLite AR-50 Manual (.pdf)

The ArmaLite AR-50 is a single shot bolt action rifle manufactured by ArmaLite.

The AR-50 rifle utilizes its weight and a large fluted muzzle brake to reduce recoil. The AR-50 weighs approximately 34 pounds and is a single shot bolt action rifle. The barrel is thick and rigid, to prevent it from flexing.

The receiver features Armalite`s octagonal design, which strengthens the receiver against flexing. The receiver is bedded to the V-shaped stock, whilst the barrel is free-floated above the forend. The three piece AR-50 stock is constructed from aluminum and features an extruded forend, as well as a skeleton butt stock with a removable and vertically adjustable butt plate.

This rifle was updated to the AR50-A1B model, which featured a smoother action, a new bolt stop that can be depressed by hand to release the bolt, and a more heavily reinforced muzzle brake. The AR50-A1B was designed for long range shooting, primarily firing the .50 BMG Browning Machine Gun. The available rifle configurations are: AR-50A1B chambered for standard .50 BMG, AR50-A1BNM Chambered for .50 BMG Match Grade Ammunition, and AR50-A1B-416 chambered for .416 Barrett.

Bolt Action Rifle


bolt action

12.7 mm (.50 in) & .416 Barrett

34 lb (15.5 kg)

59.5 in (1511 mm)

31 in (787 mm)

8 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
Nil - 1 shoot only

Effective range:
2,430 meters (2,657 yards) with proper optics


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