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Savage 10 FP / 110 FP

Savage mod. 10FP with Choate Ultimate Sniper stock and detachable silencer

Other Pictures:
Savage mod. 10FP LE1 with 20 inch barrel

Savage mod. 10FP "LE Package" with 26 inch barrel, bipod, Burris scope and other acessories

Savage mod. 110FP

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Savage Arms company of USA is a well known manufacturer of the small arms. Savage sniper rifles are based on Savage hunting "varmint" rifles, and currently available in two versions - a model 10FP (short action) and a model 110FP (long action; no longer listed at Savage web-site). All Savage brand rifles are known for relatively low prices and good quality and accuracy. Most reports confirm a sub-MOA accuracy of Savage sniper rifles with proper ammunition. Most complaints about Savage rifles are about their heavy trigger pull, but this can be fixed easily by the trained gunsmith. Anyway, both models 10FP and 110FP are wery affordable tactical / sniper rifles, suitable for police sniping.

Savage 10FP and 110FP rifles are similar in design and difder only in the action lengts and in the calibers used. Both are bolt action, rotating bolt rifles, with dual lugs bolts and integral, non-detachable magazines. Current rifles are stocked into traditionally shaped polymer stocks with third sling stud, suitable for bipod mounting. Heavy barrels are free floated. Some rifles also available (or, at least, were available) with Choate Inc. "Ultimate Sniper" stocks. Ultimate Sniper stocks are made from plastic and featured Dragunov-like skeleton butt with pistol grip and wide handguard, ajustable cheekpad and buttplate.

(Sniper) Rifle - Anti Personell

Bolt action repeating rifle

7.62mm NATO (.308Win) (10 FP), also .223 Rem; .300 WSM, .300 win magnum (110 FP)

3.86 - 3.97 kg w/o scope and acessories

1016 or 1168 mm (depending on barrel)

508 mm or 660 mm (20 or 26 in)

Magazine Capacity:
3, 4 or 5 rounds in integral box magazine (depending on caliber)


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