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Mauser M2

Mauser M2

Other Pictures:
Mauser M2 safety, located at the back side of the frame

Mauser is german name and german firearms company. Howewer, this particular gun was developed and manufactured in USA by international company SIGARMS, which purchased the right to use Mauser name for handguns from its original owner, Mauser werke in Germany.

The Mauser M2 is a recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic firearm. It uses short barrel recoil with rotating barrel locking. The handgun has DAO trigger with striker firing (no hammer). Mauser M2 features numerous safeties: automatic firing pin safety, trigger bar disconnector, loaded chamber indicator. Moreower, the manual safety is available as option. The manual safety is located in unusual place - at the rear side of the frame, under the place where the hammer usually may be found. Also, M2 features aluminium alloy frame with steel slide and replaceable slide rails.

M2 is reported as a comfortable, compact sidearm. The only minor drawback of M2 is its rotating barrel sheme, that requires good lubrication of the rotating barrel to operate properly.

Double Action Only

45ACP, .40SW or .357SIG

(Unloaded) 900 g

174 mm

90 mm

Magazine Capacity:
8 rounds (.45), 10 rounds (.40 and .357)


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