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La France RSB Silenced Pistol

La France RSB Silenced Pistol

The La France RSB Silencer coupled to the Ruger MK II .22 LR pistol is remarkable combination. The RSB is the quietest silencer made – the sound reduction of this product has no equal. In fact, the RSB is quieter than CO2 pellet guns. The RSB pistol incorporates a specially ported barrel that reduces the velocity of standard high-velocity ammunition to subsonic speeds, allowing the use of all common high-velocity .22 LR ammunitions. The RSB also eliminates the need for special high-cost subsonic ammunition.

Applications of this weapon in various agencies have been for discrete removal of streetlights, any indoor emergency lighting during SWAT operations, or sentry animals. When officer safety is dependent upon a dark and quiet operational environment, the RSB has no equal, providing complete flash elimination as well as no audible indication of police presence. The Ruger pistol requires regular maintenance; however, the La France RSB Silencer requires no user maintenance whatsoever.


La France Specialties, NAIT Distributing Inc. P.O.Box 1589 Boerne, TX 78006 (Phone) 830-249-0977 (Fax) 830-249-0957 (eMail)

.22 long rifle

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