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Type 80

Type 80 pistol with 20-round magazine and holster / shoulder stock attached

Other Pictures:
Cross-section diagram of the Type 80 pistol

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Type 80 automatic (or machine) pistol has been developed in late 1970s as a personal defense weapon for vehicle crews and other military personnel, which is not issued with an assault rifle but may require a weapon with more firepower, than a typical pistol can provide. Type 80 pistol was apparently inspired by the classic German Mauser C96 pistol, in its late production "Schnellfeuer" (fast-firing or automatic) versions, and its design is heavily based on the old "broomhandle". However, there's plenty of differences both in internal design and in external appearance.

Type 80 automatic pistol is a short recoil operated, locked breech, selective fired weapon. The bolt of rectangular cross-section is located within a barrel extension, and is locked by a large tilting locking piece, which is mounted under the bolt in the extension. The single action firing mechanism has an external hammer, the single safety switch / fire mode selector is located at the left side of the frame, above the grip. The grip panel is reshaped and apparently of better design than of old Mauser. The magazine is also different - it is detachable, and sloped forward to provide more reliable feeding. The sights are fixed, and the rear of the grip frame is slotted to accept a separate telescoped shoulder stock, made of steel, or a special holster / shoulder stock. The stock is necessary to fire the pistol in full automatic mode or in single shots at extended ranges. Use of a relatively long barrel and a detachable shoulder stock, in combination of a relatively powerful 7.62x25mm cartridge, extends the effective range of pistol (in aimed semi-automatic fire) to 100 meters and maybe even further; the full auto capability is more of an emergency value, as the light and slim barrel will heat up quickly.

Pistol (Selective fire)

Single Action

7.62 x 25 mm

(Unloaded) 1160 g

300 mm

140 mm

Magazine Capacity:
10 or 20 rounds


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