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Serbu BFG-50

(FILM) Serbu BFG-50 presentation (.MPEG)

Other Pictures:

Same gun whitout the bipod mount and scope

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It is the product of Serbu Firearms. Designed with CAD, produced with CNC machining, laser cutting, automated welding, from the highest quality MIL-spec alloy steels, the BFG-50 is really constructed using the most modern manufacturing methods.
The BFG-50 is a perfect gun for the enthusiast who has always wanted to have a .50 BMG rifle, but doesn`t want to spend $3,000+ to get one. It has a Lothar Walther Match grade barrel, a harmonica type muzzle brake which is very effective. The stock is just an extension of receiver tube, with a thick rubber butt pad. Trigger is from the AR-15. Welded-on Picatinny rail is also equipped. A custom BFG-50 bipod will be available soon, but it has replaceable lug for others (M-60`s bipod is shown on this pics)

(Sniper) Rifle - Anti Material

SERBU FIREARMS, INC. 6001 Johns Road, Suite 144, Tampa, FL 33634

Bolt Action

.50 BMG (12.7 x 99mm)

9.97 kg; 7.71 kg (carbine)

1308 mm; 1117 mm (carbine)

736 mm; 558 mm (carbine)

1 twist in 381 mm

Magazine Capacity:
Nil - 1 shoot only

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