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Truvelo SR .50

Truvelo .50BMG caliber rifle - single shot version

Other Pictures:
Truvelo .50BMG caliber rifle - 5 shots magazine fed version

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This "heavy sniper" or "anti-materiel" rifle was developed by the South African company Truvelo Armory in the late 1990s. Like many other large caliber sniper rifles, this one is intended mostly for counter sniper role and anti-materiel work against unarmored vehicles, installations etc. The claimed accuracy with appropriate ammunition is 1 MOA, effective range is about 1500 meters but bullet could be lethal at much bigger ranges.

Truvelo .50 uses a simple metallic "backbone" on which all other parts are mounted. Massive receiver is made of steel, rotating bolt of the Truvelo design has two frontal locking lugs, and one rear locking lug, pluck cocking handle that acts as a second rear locking lug for most solid lock. Heavy, free-floated barrel features a large muzzle brake, which is a must-have item when firing powerful ammunition. Truvelo .50 rifle is available in simple single shot configuration or equipped with large removable box magazine that holds 5 rounds for faster practical fire rate.

Rifle has no conventional stock and is intended to be fired from bipod only. The butt is fitted with recoil pad and is mounted on the aluminium alloy "backbone". Additional vertical grip is located under the adjustable cheek pad for more comfortable hold. Rifle has no open sights as a standard, but is equipped with the universal rail / scope mount at the top of the receiver.

(Sniper) Rifle - Anti Material

Bolt Action

.50 BMG (12.7 x 99mm)

16 kg

1510 mm

950 mm

Magazine Capacity:
Single shot OR 5 rounds


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