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K 100 Grand Power


Other Pictures:
K100, left side view

K100, field stripped

K100 barrel, bottom side. Clearly seen is the curved guide cut under the chamber, which forces the barrel to rotate on recoil.

K 100, Survival test

(FILM) K 105r a selective fire version Presentation (.wma/v)

The K100 Grand Power pistol is a recent development of the Slovakian company Grand Power SRO. Fairy conventional by modern standards at the first look, this pistol nevertheless has some interesting features, including completely ambidextrous controls - both safety and slide stop levers are duplicated on either side of the gun. Another interesting feature is the recoil operated, rotating barrel system of the gun, which is somewhat unconventional in some details. Overall, the pistol is quite comfortable, and points well. It is also quite reliable, or at least I was told so. The only minor complaint that I had about this pistol was somewhat uncomfortable slide stop lever, but I also was told that the company already developed a new slide stop, more convenient to use. It is yet to be seen, if this pistol will catch up on the market.

The K100 is a short recoil operated, locked breech gun. To unlock from the slide on recoil, barrel rotates slightly. To facilitate rotation, barrel has a curved guide, cut on underside, which follows the fixed pin in the frame. This is unusual, since in most rotating barrel designs the barrel has some sort of stud which follows the curved track cut in the frame. Frame of the K100 is made from tough polymer, with integral accessory rail under the barrel. The field-stripping procedure is somewhat similar to one of the Walther PP pistol, as it first requires the trigger guard to be pulled down to release the barrel / slide group. The trigger system is a conventional double action, with ambidextrous safety lever. There is also a special police-only version of K100, which allows additional two-round burst mode for enhanced effectiveness. The single shot or burst mode in this version is controlled by the tree-position safety lever.


GRAND POWER Ltd. Lesná 1, 974 00 Banská Bystrica, SLOVAKIA, +421 905 62 69 48 - gsm, +421 48 414 87 53 - phone, +421 48 414 87 54 - fax,

Double Action

9 x 19 mm Luger

(Unloaded) 740 g

203 mm

108 mm

Magazine Capacity:
15 rounds

Three-Dot sight system, Front sight solid, Rear sight adjustable in windage

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