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The MSP silent pistol has been developed circa 1972 for various types clandestine operations (both military and intelligence), and is intended for concealed carry and stealth usage. It is completely silent, yet it does not requires any form of the silencer, thanks to the specially designed SP-3 silent ammunition, which encapsulates all powder gases within the cartridge case.

The MSP pistol is a two-barrel, non-automatic pistol. Two barrels are stacked one above another, and tipped up at the rear for loading and unloading. To facilitate faster reloads, two cartridges are clipped together using special spring steel clip. Trigger is of single action type, with the manual safety lever located at the left side of the grip, just behind the trigger. The enclosed hammers are cocked manually using the cocking lever, located at the bottom of the trigger guard. Pistol has small open sights, and is intended for short-range shooting.


Single Action

7.62x38 SP-3

(Unloaded) 530 g

115 mm

66 mm

Magazine Capacity:
2 x 1 round in separate barrels


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