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.460 Weatherby Magnum

Cartridge Drawing

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The .460 Weatherby Magnum's position in the lineup of rifle cartridges in this load data manual seems most appropriate since it is the last word in power among commercially produced big game cartridges. No other factory loaded cartridge burns so much powder in pushing so much bullet weight so fast. And no other cartridge can match the .460's 8000 foot pounds of muzzle energy. That's the good part.

The .460 Magnum will also come close to kicking you from beneath your hat unless its rifle has a good muzzle break attached to its barrel. Which may be a moot point since all .460's made by Weatherby do have a muzzle break, and since few of us would notice anyhow if a Cape Buffalo or bull elephant decided to make tracks in our direction. This pretty much sums up the .460 Weatherby Magnum. It's not a cartridge one would enjoy an afternoon of plinking with and it may not actually be needed for shooting large and dangerous game, but it is a handy thing to have around for stopping large and dangerous game.

For those who desire to take a one rifle trip to Africa with the .460 Magnum, the flat shooting Hornady 350 grain or Barnes 400 grain bullets at 2700 to 2800 fps is just the ticket for kuda, sable, zebra, eland, and other non-dangerous game. The Hornady, Barnes, and Speer 500 grain solids are our elephant bullets, while the Speer 500 grain African Grand Slam and Barnes X-Bullet should be unbeatable for everything else.

Despite the size of its case, the .460 Weatherby Magnum has a relatively high expansion ratio. This calls for powders in the medium-slow burning rate range with H4350, H414, IMR-4350, and W-760 being excellent choices.

.460 Weatherby Magnum


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