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.222 Remington

Cartridge Drawing

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The .222 Remington was created by Mike Walker, who also developed the button process for rifling barrels and the Models 721, 722, 40X, and 40XBR rifles. Introduced in 1950 in the Model 722, the .222 couldn`t have come along at a better time. Varmint shooters were yearning for a new cartridge and a relatively new game called benchrest shooting was growing in popularity. Within ten years after it was introduced, the .222 was literally dominating both shooting sports.

Until the PPC cartridges came along during the mid-1970`s, most experienced shooters considered the .222 to be the most inherently accurate cartridge ever to designed. Some still feel that way but the fact remains, few benchrest matches are won today with the .222 Remington. Sadly enough, at the rate old man fate is dealing cards to the .222, it`s popularity will probably decline to the point where it enjoys little more limelight than the .222 Remington Magnum.

But the .222 Remington had its days of glory and is still tough to beat as a medium range varmint cartridge. A shooter who chooses the .222 over the .223 really isn`t giving up as many yards in effective range as many would have us believe. Best bullets for varminting with the .222 are the 50 grain Sierra Blitz, Hornady SX, and Nosler Expander. And a rifle in .222 that won't shoot tiny groups when fed H4198, H322, BL-C(2), or RL-7 definitely has a problem that needs looking into.

Historical Notes:

The 222 Remington was introduced by Remington in 1950 for their 722 bolt action rifle which was later superseded by the current 700 series. For a short time, the Remington Model 760 slide action repeater was also available in this caliber. Much of the credit for the 222 Remington is due to Mike Walker, a longtime Remington employee. The Cartridge became very popular with the benchrest competitors in the 1970`s and varmint hunters also found its performance excellent. But by the early 1990`s the 222 Remington had lost much of its popularity to the 223 Remington.

General Comments:

The 222 Remington is in about the same class as the 219 Zipper, but is rimless and adapted to modern bolt action rifles. It is not based on any older case necked down, but is of original design. It is a more or less scaled down version of the 30-06, and fills the gap between the 218 Bee and the 220 Swift. It is well suited to the needs of the average person who desires a high velocity 22. A great many benchrest matches have been won with the 222 Remington and it has a reputation for superb accuracy. It is an excellent 200 yards cartridge for the full range of varmint and small game in many of the 50 states because, like the 220 Swift, you can`t always depend on it to kill large animals humanely. This caliber is offered by all large domestic ammunition manufacturers and several foreign companies.

.222 Remington

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