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15.2 mm Steyr APFSDS

Cartridge Drawing

Other Pictures:
Steyr 15.2mm cartridge compared to 7.62mm NATO (.308 Wichester) cartridge

15.2mm Steyr APFSDS is very formidable projectile. It fires 20 gramm (308 grains) tungsten dart (fleschette) with muzzle velocity of 1450 meters per second (4750 fps). At 1000 meters this projectile will penetrate a 40 mm of RHA (rollded homogenous steel armour) and will result in serious secondary fragmentation effect behind the armour. That said, it will penetrate two walls of any modern APC at one kilometer range. The trajectory is very flat and does not rise higher than 800 mm above the line of sight when fired to 1000 meters. The cartridge is of somewhat original design, and has plastic case with steel head and base. The projectile is concealed within a plastic sabot.

15.2 mm Steyr APFSDS


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