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PGM Mini-Hecate .338

PGM Mini-Hecate .338 Lapua (shown with US Optics X1.7-22 variable MilSpec scope)

Other Pictures:
PGM Mini-Hecate .338 - view on the receiver

PGM Mini-Hecate .338 - view on the bolt and feed

PGM Mini-Hecate .338 - view on the folding butt with rear folding support

The PGM Mini-Hecate rifle is intended for long range anti-personell sniping work, and fills the gap between the 7.62mm (.308) sniper rifles and heavy and large .50 BMG rifles. This rifle was designed by the Chris Movigliatti of the ASMP company (Swiss) and is made by the PGM Precision of France. Rifle is sold worldwide through the famous Belgian company FN Herstal and its subsidiaries.

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Mini-Hecate .338 features a modern design with metallic "skeleton" on which all components are mounted. The receiver is made from high grade aluminium alloy, the steel bolt has three lugs that lock into the barrel extension. Barrel is made by Lothar Walther, cold hammer forged and externally fluted to save the weight and improve heat dissipation. Barrel equipped with high efficiency muzzle brake. Furniture (pistol grip and forearm) is made from polymer and is mounted to the frame. The buttstock is made from metall and has a recol pad. Buttstock is ajustable for lenght of pull and height, and can be folded to the left side of the gun. Special ajustable folding support ("third leg") is provided under the buttstock to help to maintain rifle in stable position for longer periods of time.

Mini-Hecate is intended for sniper work at the distances from about 500 to 1200 meters. At the shorter distances the .338 Lapua is too powerful, and unless you need a deep penetration, the Mini Hecate wold be an overklill choice. At the distances beyond 1200 meters the standard .338 Lapua bullet will become subsonic and accuracy and effectivness will be decreased. But within its envelope this rifle can show accuracy of about 0.5 MOA, which is quite good. Of cause, this requires sniper-grade ammunition and highly trained operator. Anyway, the PGM .338 Mini-Hecate is a first class sniper rifle, and there`s a rumour that Swiss Army is looking for purchasing some PGM .338`s.

(Sniper) Rifle - Anti Personell

Bolt Action

.338 lapua Magnum (8.6x70 mm)

6.6 kg w/o scope

(stock closed/open): 1290 / 1010 mm

700 mm

Magazine Capacity:
10 rounds


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