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Steyr-Manlicher SSG-P1 (P-69)

Exploded view of the SSG69

Other Pictures:
Steyr SSG P-1 (SSG 69)

Steyr SSG P-IIk

Steyr SSG (ScharfShutzenGewehr 69) was developed and is being built by Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch. SSG 69 was adopted by Austrian Army in 1969, thus gaining its name.
Technically, SSG 69 is a bolt action, rotating bolt, magazine fed rifle. Bolt locking is achieved via 6 lugs. Barrel is cold-hamer forged. Standart feeding device is detachable Steyr-type rotary magazine for 5 rounds. Box magazines for 10 rounds were offered for some time but now discontinued. SSG 69 (AKA SSG-P1) was issued with iron sights installed, other modifications are offered without iron sights.
Steyr`s SSG 69 faced off in USA in 1986-87 with the rifle that would become the M24 in the final round of the process to select the US Army`s new sniper rifle. It was narrowly beaten by the Remington Model 700, but only in the distances beyond 600 meters. Within that distance, both rifles produced same sub-minute-of-angle accuracy. Newerthless, the SSG 69 is an excellent, albeit more expencive, choice for non-military tactical rifle, where shots beyond 400 meters are rare. Today, the Steyr SSG is offered to the military, police and civilian shooters in 4 different models: the SSG-PI, SSG-PII, SSG-PIIK and the SSG-PIV. SSG-PI was originally developed as a counter-sniper rifle, and was the first such weapon to be equipped with a syntetic stock. It has a 26" (660mm) barrel and is equipped with iron sights, as well as standart NATO-spec dovetails for a telescopic sight. The SSG-PII is built for police use as a tactical or sniper rifle. It has a 26" heavy barrel. it lacks iron sights and has an oversized bolt handle for quick follow-up shots. The SSG-PIIK differs from SSG-PII only by 20" (508mm) barrel for use in crowded urban situations. Although the barrel is shorther, there is no lack of accuracy out to 500 meters. The SSG-PIV is known in Europe as the SSG SD. It has 16" (406mm) barrel with detachable flash hider, which can easily be changet to sound suppressor (silencer). All SSG models has polymer stocks with removable spacers in the buttplate to allow the stock to be fitted for each individual shooter.

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(Sniper) Rifle - Anti Personell


Bolt Action

7.62x51mm NATO (.308) and .243

(Unloaded) 3.9 kig - 4.6 kg with telescope

1140 mm

650 mm

Magazine Capacity:
5 round rotary magazine, or 10 round box mag. (discontinued)


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