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.357 Magnum

Cartridge Drawing

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.357 Magnum, JHP

.357 Magnum ammo. On the left a JSP round, on the right a JHP round

Hornady XTP Bullets 38 Special and 357 Magnum (357 Diameter) 110 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point

Hornady XTP Bullets 38 Special and 357 Magnum (357 Diameter) 158 Grain Flat Point

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When introduced in 1935, the 357 Magnum was touted as the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world, a title it has since relinquished to other cartridges such as the .44 Magnum, 10mm Auto, and .41 Magnum. Even so, the 357 Magnum is still an extremely useful development. For plinking and paper punching, revolvers chambered for this cartridge usually shoot .38 Special loads with acceptable accuracy, but for more serious work, the higher chamber pressure generated by the .357 enables it to produce almost three times as much energy as its shorter parent.

Despite the greater publicity enjoyed by cartridges of larger calibers, the .357 is still the most popular magnum revolver cartridge ever introduced. This is probably due to the fact that it generates about all the recoil most shooters can handle.

The 357 Magnum is occasionally promoted as a deer cartridge. In the hands of an experienced hunter who calmly places the right bullet in the right place at close range, it will just barely get the job done most of the time, but when used by the average hunter, the .357 Magnum leaves a great deal to be desired in that role. A site s a hunting cartridge, the .357 is seen at its best when used on varmints or for close range shooting of the smaller game animals such as javelina.

For use on varmints, the .357 Magnum is quite effective when loaded with various jacketed hollowpoint bullets weighing 110 to 125 grains. For larger game such as javelina and cats up to the size of mountain lion, a good 158 grain softpoint seated atop H4227 or H110 is very effective medicine.

.357 Magnum

110 - 158 grain

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