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5.6 mm Fleschette

5.6 mm Fleschette

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To ensure maximum hit probability under battlefield stress the ACR ammunition design utilizes the latest kinetic energy projectile technology: a 9.85 grain carbon steel flechette in a lightweight synthetic case. The streamlined design and fin stabilization of this 5.56 X45 synthetic cased flechette reduces the drag coefficient and produces a highly stable projectile with excellent penetration at all ranges. Its translucent magazine allows for instant assessment of ammunition supply. Most importantly the flechette outperforms the current M16 A2 M855 by traveling twice as fast as the M855 on a completely flat trajectory when zeroed in at 600 M.

5.6 mm synthetic cased flechette

9.85 grain

Muzzle Velocity:
At 600 yards the velocity of the flechette is 910 Meter per second


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