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Parker-Hale M82

Parker-Hale M82

The Parker-Hale M82 rifle had been manufactured by Parker-Hale company og Great Britain, and is in service with Australian, New Zeland and Canadian armies, as well as wiith some police and military units in Great Britain.

M82 is based on mauser-type action, with rotating bolt with 3 lugs, that locks into the receiver, and with non-rotating claw extracor. Heavy barrel is cold hammer-forged and free floated inside the stock. Trigger is fully ajustable for weight and length of pull. The rifle had wooden stock which is ajustable wor lenght of pull with inserts.

Wide selection of sights is available, includin iron sights, sport-type peep sights or telescopic sights. Canadian C3 and C3A1 versions of M82 are used with 10X Unertl scope.

These rifles are still in service with the various forces, though Parker-Hale have given up rifle manufacture.

(Sniper) Rifle


Bolt action, Rotating bolt

7.62 x 51 mm NATO

4.80 kg

1162 mm

660 mm

4 grooves, rh

Magazine Capacity:
4 rounds non-detachable internal magazine

In Production:

PARKER-HALE LTD BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND 7.62 NATO on top of barrel. Serial on left of chamber.

A manual safety catch on the rearof the bolt. Turned to the left for fire. Turned to the right for safe.

Press in the magazine floor plate catch in the front of the trigger guard; the floor plate will hinge forwardand the contents of the magazine will fall out. Open the bolt to extract any round remaining in the chamber. Examine the chamber and the magazine


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