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The new polymer framed HS2000 pistol

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HS2000 is built by Croatia's IM Metal production facility and first appeared somewhere in 1999. The gun has all modern features, including polymer frame, ambidextrous magazine release button, high visibility sights, "chamber loaded" indicator on the top of the slide beyond the ejection port and "firing pin cocked" indicator on the back of the slide. The HS 2000 incorporates 4 redundant safeties, one on therear side of the grip, a trigger safety, a firing pin safety (drop safety), and an out of battery safety.
According to the Combat Handguns Magazine (June 2000), HS2000 is a really comfortable and shoots quite well (2" to 3 " (50-75mm) groups at 25 yards (23 meters)). Also this handgun is reported as reliable with many types of ammo tested.
According to the same source, this handgun can be described as a cross between SIG and GLOCK, being somewhat cheaper than SIGs and Glocks.

Single Action

9x19mm Para, .357SIG, .40SW

(Loaded/Unloaded) 910/650 g

180 mm

102 mm

Magazine Capacity:
15 rounds


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