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Savage 1907 / 1915 / 1917

Savage 1907

Other Pictures:
Savage 1915

All savage pistols look similar, though there are three different models: the 1907 with large grip serrations on the side and serrated hammer; the 1915 with similar slide serrations, a grip safety and no hammer; and the 1917 with thinner grip serrations , a spur hammer and a wedge-shaped grip. An American commercial product, numbers of 1915 models were bought by the Portuguese Army and passed on to the Guarda Nacional de Republica, being sold off in the 1950`s, so they are rather more common in Southern Europa than might otherwise be expected


7,65mm Browning (.32ACP) or 9mm Short (.380 auto)

625 g


96 mm

Magazine Capacity:
10 Rounds


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