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BUL Storm

BUL Storm

BUL Storm
is a semi-automatic pistol made by Israeli firearms manufacturer BUL Transmark based on the Czech-designed CZ 75.

The Storm is Bul`s first all-steel pistol. It comes in two versions: a carry / duty version with fixed sights, and a competition version with cocking serrations on its slide, a fiber optic front sight and adjustable notch rear sight. The latter is optimized for the rules of the Production Division of IPSC practical shooting.

BUL Transmark`s third pistol line was the BUL Storm. Arguably, it`s the least known line of their pistols in the US, excepting perhaps the new SAS line (which hasn`t gotten very much play in the US yet). The Storm is a straight-out Tanfoglio TZ-75 clone, which is a slightly modified clone of the CZ-75.

The similarities between this gun and the IMI Jericho 941F are huge. One big difference is the dust cover situation. The Jericho has a full-length dust cover; the Storm exposes more of the slide. While this gives the Jericho a more unique appearance and might aid in protecting from dust infiltration, the Storm feels substantially lighter.

Speaking of aesthetics, the slide is also shaped a bit differently at the front on the Jericho, with more of a nose. The Storm has a more traditional flat nose.

The Storm also has a somewhat lighter single-action trigger than the Jericho.

Mec-Gar 16rd CZ-75 magazines do work, but require you to slap them in hard and ever-so-slightly forward.

IPSC Israel Open Nationals 2014

Semi-automatic pistol

BUL Transmark

9×19mm Parabellum

989 gr (34,8 oz)

210mm (8,2

111mm (4,4

Magazine Capacity:

Feed system:
Detachable box magazine

Drift Adjustable 3-Dot Front blade, rear square notch (Night-Sights Optional)


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