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QSZ-92 pistol in 5.8mm

Other Pictures:
QSZ-92 pistol in 9x19mm, with laser pointer mounted on the rail under the barrel.

symbicort vs advair

symbicort vs advair vs dulera
The QSZ-92 pistol is a most recent development of the Chinese state arms factories, and, apparently, it is now adopted by the PLA (Chinese people's Liberation Army) forces. QSZ-92 pistol is available in two versions, with the only difference being caliber: one is chambered for most common 9x19mm Luger / Parabellum ammunition (QSZ-92-9), and another is chambered for proprietary 5.8mm ammunition with bottle-necked case and pointed bullets (QSZ-92-5.8). The development of the QSZ-92 pistol apparently began circa 1994, and it is in limited service with PLA since the late 1990s.

The QSZ-92 is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol. It uses a rotating barrel to lock and unlock the slide on recoil. Frame of the QSZ-92 pistol is made from polymer. Trigger mechanism is Double Action, with external hammer and ambidextrous safety / decocker lever, mounted on both sides of the frame. Dual stack magazine holds 15 rounds of ammunition in either caliber. Front part of the frame under the barrel is shaped as an accessory rail to accept laser sights or flashlights. Fixed sights have luminous inserts for low light conditions.

Double Action

5.8mm Chinese or 9x19mm Para

(Unloaded) 760 g

190 mm

not known

Magazine Capacity:
15 rounds


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