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Early Revolvers - UK

Beaumont–Adams revolver

The Beaumont–Adams revolver is a muzzle-loading, double-action, percussion revolver. Originally adopted by the British Army in .442 calibre (54-bore, 11.2mm) in 1856, many were later converted to use centrefire cartridges. It was replaced in British service in 1880 by the .476 calibre (11....

Joseph enouy 8 cylinders

The Enouy revolver
was a design patented by Joseph Enouy of Middlesex, England, who received British patent #1359 in 1855.

On the 14th of June 1855, Enouy took out a patent for a method of reloading revolvers. The patent describes replacing one cylinder with another in ...

Kerr`s Patent Revolver

Kerr`s Patent Revolver
was an unusual 5-shot single-action revolver manufactured from 1859 to 1866 by the London Armoury Company. It was used by Confederate cavalrymen during the U.S. Civil War. Seven of these revolvers were held by the New Zealand Colonial Defence Force in 1863 and were ...


The Tranter
revolver was a double-action cap & ball revolver invented around 1856 by English firearms designer William Tranter (1816–1890). Originally operated with a special dual-trigger mechanism (one to rotate the cylinder and cock the gun, a second to fire it) later models employed a ...


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