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Women in uniform

Female Soliders from around the world Images.

Many Countries, Almost all Western World Countries Employ or Draft Female Soldiers to Active Duty. Some Countries in First line battle, some in Secondary Lines, others as Extras, Office or supply roles. However the modern Armies Gender roles are getting More and more vague.

The Most recent extensive use of female personell was the Second world war. But History also supports the idea as long back as the "Amazon" Female Warriors from the Pontus Region in Modern Turkey.

Israel Have The Caracal Battalion wich is an infantry combat battalion of the Israel Defense Forces, composed of both male and female soldiers, of both Jewish and Arab descent. It is named after the Caracal, a small cat whose sexes appear the same. As of 2009, approximately 70% of the battalion was female.

Even the very segregated Muslim Societies, Uses Female Warriors in Times of hardship. Maybe Most know is the Shahidka or Black Widows. The term of "Black Widows" probably originates from the fact that many of these women are widows of men killed by the Russian forces in Chechnya

However Moral or etics, Religious View or Personal Feelings, We (NGRG) are not here to judge, we treat All service men or woman equally and with respect. That we Find Female warriors very curious and have to dedicate a section of our site especially to that specific Gender IS NOT to be confused with Bigotry or Sexist attitude. It is a sign of Respect and Love for both our Mothers, Wifes, Spouses and Dearest Love. We Salute you into the ranks.

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