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Revolvers - France

Manurhin MR73 /G-3"/G-4"/S-5 1/4"/S-6"/M-5 3/4"/M-6"

MR-73 revolvers were developed by MANURHIN company of France in 1973. MR-73 is a standart issue firearm of the french Gendarmerie, as well as of some French elite law enforcement agencies (G.I.G.N., R.A.I.D. etc). MR-73 is also a favorite European sporting arm, available also in Sport and Match (...

Modèle 1892 revolver

The Model 1892 revolver
(also known as the "Lebel revolver" and the "St. Etienne 8mm") is a French service revolver produced by Manufacture d`armes de Saint-Étienne as a replacement for the MAS 1873 revolver. It was the standard issue sidearm for officers in the French military during the...


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