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Apache revolver

Apache revolver

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Apache revolver Folded

The Apache revolver is a handgun which incorporates multiple other weapons, made notorious by the French underworld figures of the early 1900s known as Les Apaches. Not quite a Percussion Revolver per say, but more so than any other category, Due to the Pinfire Cartridge.

The design dates from the 1860s, and is attributed to Louis Dolne. The gun was manufactured though the end of the 1800s.

he gun operates on the principle of a pepperbox revolver using a pinfire action and incorporates a fold-over knuckle duster forming the grip and also a rudimentary foldout, dual-edged knife.
Due to the lack of a barrel, the revolver`s effective range is very limited, but since all of its component parts can be folded inward towards the cylinder, it was easily concealable inside a pocket. It was common to leave an empty chamber with no cartridge under the firing pin to prevent shooting oneself while having it concealed in a pocket or bag, as the weapon has no trigger guard or safety. This weapon is not able to be aimed precisely because of its lack of front and rear sights. Despite its limited potential, the revolver proved deadly at extremely close range.
A 9 mm revolver of similar design (but no official designation) was allegedly used by British commandos during World War II, though exact statistics about production numbers and technical details have as yet remained undisclosed to the public.

Multi-Purpose Pinfire Revolver

L. Dolne Ó Liege


7mm, .27cal., 9mm Unofficial WWII British

0.8lbs (385g)

Folded, 4.3

Pepper-box, Bayonet, 1.15

Feed system:
Detaching Cylinder

In Production:


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