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NGRG`s Homemade LT MRE (Light weight MARE)

Nazarian Para PMC 24 hour MRE.

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Nazarian Para PMC 24 hour MRE. Content laid out.

Nazarian Para PMC 24 hour MRE.

this is a Homemade Version of a MRE field ration.
It`s is not quite a MRE (Meal ready to eat), But rather a MARE (meals almost ready to eat).
Never the less, it suffice as a Field Ration

List of content and Energy/Price:

- 1, Bag of Quaker Instant Grits (130 kcal - 5 nok)

- 2x, Rema 1000 earl gray tea (N/A - 0,60 nok)

- 2 x, Rema 1000 Nudel soup (920 kcal - 2,20 nok)

- 1, Toro Cup soup (140 kcal - 17,80 nok)

- 1, Freia Chocolate 100 gr (500 kcal - 20,60 nok)

- 1, Bixit Oathbar with choclate (70 kcal - 5,10 nok)

- 1, Freia Choclate drink (126 kcal - 4,19 nok)

- 1, bag of soup stock (20 kcal - 0,10 nok)

- 2x, Nescafe Coffe au chocolate (170 kcal - 4,90 nok)

- 6 x, Sugar 5gr (133 Kcal-N/A)

- 1, Mc Donald Salt (N/A-N/A)

- 1 MC Donald Pepper (N/A-N/A)

- 2x, Mc Donald Tissues (N/A).

Total Kcal is ca 2200 kcal and dry weight is 450 gr.

Price in Norway, to construct such a bag whould be 60,79 nok. This is given that you do not find any deals on the items. I However, as an example have constructed these bags for around half (ca. 30 nok) with deals. The price mentioned for Grits is 5 nok, this price is however for a bag of oatmeal pre packaged, cause Quaker grits is not available in Norway.
(i have imported them).
Further as you can see, the single most expensive item besides the chocolate plate, is the Cup soup. Instead of using Toro, one could get the swedish "Varma koppen" which sells for 10 nok in sweden for a 3 pack. and the chocolate can be bought at rema 1000 for ca. 10 nok, however the freia brand one was bought for 10 nok during a Spar-shop 10 kroners marked. The same goes for the Cup soup. so with a little extra planing. Even the 30 nok mark can be lowered to about 15-20 nok. this however involves buying gods in sweden and expired chocolate. I have personally eaten expired chocolate which has past the best before date by 12 years. it was "white" and "dry" on the very surface, but besides that it was not spoiled. and normally this takes at least 5 years past expiration date. this is for dark chocolate, it might not apply to Milk chocolate.

In USD we are talking About 9,8 USD to construct these without deals, or around 4,9 USD with deals. do however have in mind that Norway is a Very high cost country, as an example: a MC Donald Bigmac cost around 7,51 USD in norway (2013) thous using this index these bag should cost around 5,7/10 or about Half to construct in the US. without deals. (i.e. around 2,45 to 4,90 USD as a guess).

Considering the extreme light weight of this bag (450 gr)
at around 1/3 of the weight of a standard field ration of 1 - 1,2 kilogram, this is very on par with high energy output bags that normaly weigh in on around 6000 kcal.
You can easily up the energy output by another 400 for a 2600 kcal bag by simply adding another 100 gr of sugar which is very common in standard military Field ration. Still this bag whould only weigh in at around 550 gr.

This taken into consideration, this is by NO MEAN!, a bag that would be recommended to sustain your body weight for a prolonged Time.

It will however keep you working and not at least satiated and Hunger would not be a problem.

This extreme Light weight and also small dimension bag.
Do allow for that one Person can carry with ease 7 rations (at only 3150 gr), and thous have a extended range of operation.
of course the low Kcal of 2200 could be mended by using specialized products of higher and specified kcal output, however this bag is also constructed using readily available supermarked items, where also cost have been taken into consideration.

Nazarian Para PMC

450 gr

Length 250 mm, height 50 mm, across 100 mm


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