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GMG 40mm x 53

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Upper mount (gun cradle): The upper mount buffers the recoil and features handles, a secondary trigger lever, a shoulder rod, the attachment points for the sight system and the mounting for the ammunition box.

Feed system: Driven by the bolt, the system feeds and guides the linked cartridges in two smooth movements during the forward and backward movement of the bolt. The feed direction can be readily reconfigured from right to left, without the use of tools.

(FILM) GMG at work "plowing is easy with the right tool" (.MOV)

Increasingly, armed forces worldwide require a universal fire support system to combat ground targets. In the past, armies have depended on heavy machine guns or light mortars, but neither is ideal. Machine gun ammunition provides no fragmentation effect and is largely ineffective against advanced, armour-protected APCs and battle tanks. On the other hand, mortars have relatively slow rates of fire. But there is a solution: the HECKLER & KOCH 40mm x 53 Grenade Machine Gun.

The HECKLER & KOCH GMG offers the best of both worlds: the machine gun`s flexibility, high rate of fire and direct target engagement, coupled with the fragmentation effect of mortar ammunition – and the ability to use armour-piercing natures. The system can be used on the tripod or can be readily fitted to vehicles, patrol boats or helicopters. Its firepower, accuracy and ease of use, as well as its outstanding safety features, make it the first choice for ground target engagement.

Acclaimed as the technologically superior automatic grenade launcher, the GMG is designed and built by HECKLER & KOCH. HK weapons are specified by customers worldwide – including many elite forces – who recognize HECKLER & KOCH`s ability to meet exacting standards at every stage of design, production and in service support.

The GMG is typical of this commitment to quality, reliability and product performance. It is perfectly suited to vehicle turret and helicopter mounting. It is both accurate and easy to use, with an extremely smooth feed cycle and impressive safety features. It is flexible: convertible to right or left feeding; and simple to maintain, with no tools being required for stripping or reassembly. All in all, a complete solution to the demanding requirements of effective ground fire support.


Safety/fire selector lever
The safety/fire selector lever features the settings `safe` `single fire` and `sustained fire`. Setting the selector at `safe` blocks the trigger and locks the bolt in its cocked position.

Loading safety
Opening the feed cover prevents the bolt from travelling forward all the way in case it is released.

Bolt lock
This locks the bolt in position and permits the operator to clear the GMG safely.

Firing pin safety
This independent safety system ensures that in any event the firing pin cannot reach the primer until the cartridge has been sufficiently chambered.

Cocking safety
Where the bolt is not pulled back completely, accidental firing is prevented by an integral, automatic mechanism which stops the bolt from travelling forward.

Grenade Machinegun

HECKLER & KOCH GmbH P.O. Box 1329 D-78722 Oberndorf, Germany

Recoil operated inertia bolt with advanced primer ignition, firing from an open bolt position

40mm x 53

Weapon 29 kg; Gun cradle 10.9 kg; Tripod 15 kg (Both Made by Vinghøgs/Norway); belt box 20 kg (with 32 rds beltet ammunition)

1180 mm

584 mm

Feed system:
Two step feed system, convertible from left to right hand feed

Reflex sight (Produced by Vaapensmia/Norway) / Mechanical sight

Rate of fire:
350 RPM

Effective range:
2200 m

Muzzle Velocity:
241 m/s

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