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Mossberg 500

Mossberg 500 "Cruiser"

Other Pictures:
Mossberg 500 Tactical with 590-style heatshield and without sights

Mossberg 500 Tactical with Ghost Ring sights

Mossberg 500 "Home Defence" in .410

Schematic view of Mossberg Model 500 Pump Shotgun (Serial Number G838672 or Higher)

(MANUAL) Mossberg 500 Series Manual (.pdf)

Mossberg 500, along with Remington 870 and Winchester 1300, is one of the most poular and versatile USA-made pump action shotguns.
Mossberg 500 is magazine feed, manually operated (pump action) smoothbore gun. Bolt carrier is operated via two action bars, chamber locking is achieved via tilting breechblock (bolt) into the barrel extension. Safety is located at the tang of the receiver and is fully ambidextrous. Receiver is made from aluminium alloys. Barrels are interchangeable without tools.
Mossberg 500 available in different hunting configurations, along with police models (usually with 14" or 18" or 20" barrels and cylinder bores). Stocks are polymer or wooden. Models with factory installed pistol grips are called "Cruisers". Sights could be rifle-type, ghost rings (rear peep sights) or traditional hunting style.
Mossberg 500 is very popular due to quality and relative low prices, however, the accuracy usually is not that outstanding.


Pump action shotgun

12, 20, or .410 Gauge

Varies with model

Varies with model

Varies with model

Magazine Capacity:
7 rounds in underbarrel tube magazine


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